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The Lies Movie Trailers Infer

I love the phenomenon where a movie trailer looks exponentially better than the actual movie it represents. Commercial editing for the movie is done perfectly. The plot is entirely ruined and the best scenes are shown to entice a potential avid viewer to dole out eight dollars to a legitimate piece of crap. Both the best and worst movies ever made have had movie trailers (with one of the four main trailer voiceover people—yes, there are only four—but one works exclusively for Disney) that do the same formulaic, cropped hooey within a two minute period.

I love watching movie trailers more than wasting hours of my life watching painfully written scripts, with less than stellar actors, and almost no creativity in the directing.

FilmĀ Reel

In the trailers’ never-changing formula, there is always the cliffhanger. The long, drawn out question that can only be answered by actually viewing the film, but I can live with that. I think, “hey, maybe the next trailer will have the answer I’m looking for”—and honestly, it’s only two minutes of my life, I can lie to myself forever—and it gets to the point where I have a feel for the movies as their shortened forms flash on my screen. When you see enough of them (and I’m not talking about thirty second commercials here, understand that), you know when you see the right combination, the perfect balance of script and the great actors, it doesn’t matter if the concept of the movie isn’t original, it’s how this new version’s performances blow the previous versions out of the water.

In short, I’d prefer to watch a movie trailer sometimes over the actual movie it represents. I don’t know if that’s strange or not, but it works for me.