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Harry Potter 7

The last Harry Potter book will be released tomorrow, so I thought I’d throw my hat into the ring and guess what will happen. I have no insider knowledge about the book except from what the author has officially said.

Readers of the first six books know that the same recurring themes will appear within the novel no matter what:

1.) A Huey Lewis song will play softly in the background (The Power of Love) and will be a major aspect of this novel. The only dead character mentioned or seen in every book thus far, who we know little-to-nothing about, is Lily Potter. Rowling has intentionally left clues about her along the way—how she was an excellent student, very courageous, very beautiful, with perfect green eyes, and sacrificed her life for her child. There will be a surprise or another grain of information that the reader will be amazed at in the next book, and it’s most likely about Lily Potter. This information will most likely come via her sister, Petunia.

2.) “Doing what is right over what is easy” is another prevalent theme. For example, Pettigrew’s life debt will be major to the plot—or essential to the last seconds of the epic battle depicted on the DH bookcover. Also, R.A.B. will become a factor. R.A.B. has been hypothesized as Regalus Black by most Potterheads. He made the opposite decision of Pettigrew, and his death (and the mysterious unopenable locket in the Black home) will eventually help Harry more than he knows. But who has the locket? Kreacher or Mundungus?

3.) Voldemort, Draco, Hagrid, Snape, and every other character exhibit what Dumbledore stressed in the previous books. It doesn’t matter who you are born as, but who you become. It’s your actions that define you. Just because you come from a racist background doesn’t mean that you yourself have to be racist. Snape is, of course, on the side of the Order. Draco’s wavering wand at the end of the last book depicts a young man who was at a crossroads from his childhood behavior, but now it might be too late to detour from his current path (or is it…).

4.) The battle for eternal life and invincibility is another motif in all these books. Harry, however, needs the Horcruxes to stave off Voldemorte for good. There is little doubt that Voldemorte will not survive this book and that Harry is successful. All the readership wants to know is if Harry will survive the ordeal. My official answer: The prophecy clearly states that one will be alive, the other dead. Harry will live.

Random knowledge of the last book:

1.) The Weasley’s Ford Angela will make an appearance.

2.) Viktor Krum will make an appearance.

3.) Bill and Fleur will get married in the summer.

4.) There will be two major characters killed off.

5.) The prophecy will be completed.

6.) There will be no Quidditch.

7.) Rita Skeeter will make an appearance.

8.) Kreacher will have a major role. (Rowling wouldn’t cut him out of the fifth movie, making me think he has knowledge of the Horcruxes—maybe even the locket).

Infered to be in the book:

1.) Ron and Hermione will start a relationship.

2.) Voldemorte will die.

3.) Harry, Ron, and Hermione will ride a dragon (as seen on the cover of the Deluxe edition bookcover).

4.) Harry, Ron, and Hermione will see vast riches (much like in The Goonies; as seen on the cover of the British Children’s edition bookcover).

My guesses about who will die:

I think every one of the Weasley’s have exhibited the qualities loved by Godric Gryffindor—everyone but Percy, that is. Either he has shown bravery by sticking to his beliefs, even against his close-knit family, or he has yet to exhibit them. His death would make a dramatic impact and change his family’s view of him, since they think he’s a git.

I think the Big Three, Harry, Ron, and Hermione, are untouchable. I thought that about the character who died in Book 6, too, but I have a good feeling about these three surviving. Since Snape is supposed to be a wildcard in the struggle, even though he’s not, I think his death will be major. Such a sacrifice would be logical.

I also think as Voldemorte’s informal second-in-command, Bellatrix Lestrange will probably kick the bucket. I don’t think she’s had enough face time to be a true major character though.

Things I really want to know, but probably won’t be addressed:

Dumbledore defeated Grindewald in the 1940’s, which coincided with the end of World War II. Depending on how He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is killed, seeing that he caused unparalleled terror and unrest, is his defeat Rowling’s liberal idea on how modern terrorism should be eradicated?


There will be many surprises in Book 7, though in an interview J.K. Rowling said that most readers will be disappointed with the book overall. She still thinks it’s amazing. The best case scenario is that I will read the last word of the book (which is no longer “scar”) and I will long for more of the Wizarding World. I want to feel satisfied that every plot line is logically answered, and when I close the backcover, I don’t want to be angry. That’s all I ask. She’s spent seventeen years planning and writing this series, I just hope she didn’t screw up a plausible ending. I trust that she will do it the right way, however that way may be.

Let’s see how correct I am with my guesses…